Raining in Mauritius? Why not soak up some culture instead?

You’ve probably already seen pictures of Mauritiuscreeping into your instagram feed, but you might not have heard that Mauritius is also a Cultural Destination…

The months of January and February allow for ample immersion in local life with the celebrations of Thaipoosam Cavadee the Abolition of Slavery Maha Shivaratree and the Chinese Spring Festival . What makes Mauritius unique is the diverse tapestry of sights on these occasions that also take us a little deeper in the Mauritian history.

Mauritius: A Cultural Destination

The island was once colonised by the French, then by the British, during which time, thousands of black slaves and indian and chinese indentured labourers came to work on plantations. The sega was then born: a festive local music with the traditional ravanne diffusing pure pleasure for all senses. The sega music and dance lie at the heart of the Creole culture.

Thaipoosam Cavadee

Credits: Flying Freaks

And for cultural fusion at its best, head to a kovil early morning on Thaipoosam Cavadee and make sure you do not miss the lion dance show on Chinese Spring Festival.

A perfect mix of island cool and cultural exuberance

All throughout the year, diverse traditional festivals and celebrations like Eid, Ganesh Chathurti, Christmas and Divali remind us of the island’s rich cultural heritage. Mauritius boasts amazing tamil temples with their colourful and exquisitely carved towers, beautiful mosques , like the Jummah Mosque, in Port-Louis , built in 1853, cathedrals and old chapels sprinkled across the island, all leaving a deep impression.

From the striking beaches to the frenetic streets of Port-Louis, Mauritius also has a hearty food scene with diverse cuisines reflecting its multicultural heritage hot curries, chinese dumplings, fried noodles, rougaille… The island is definitely home to good foodamazing beaches and hotelsalluring landscapesinviting people and… fascinating culture.


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