Mauritius, the best holiday destination

Mauritius is a picturesque spot which will simply mesmerize any visitor with its rich culture and nature. It is the perfect destination for holidays at any time of the year. Situated in the Tropics, the temperature is always warm here. The island is surrounded by beautiful sandy palm-fringed beaches and blue lagoons. The flora and fauna of the island are well preserved by the inhabitants. The aquatic life of the bays around is protected by the coral reefs while natural parks have been established to preserve the natural geography of this volcanic island. The country caters for all types of visitors, whether they are business visitors or tourists.

Hotels and bungalows in Mauritius have been set up for the comfort and coziness of the clients. Hospitality is the motto of Mauritians. The peaceful and harmonious atmosphere is appropriate for a period of leisure and recreation, especially away from home or work. Accommodation, food and beverage are the basics of the Tourism industry. The social ambiance is worth discovering. People from all religions combined live here in serenity. Both urban and rural regions have their own authentic allures. From the traditional museums to historical sites, from hotels to resorts and spa centers, from beautiful sandy beaches to trekking tracks through mountains and gorges… Mauritius hems all that one can wish for during a holiday.

For international conferences

Business visitors have at their disposition appropriate conference centers in or nearby their accommodation place. Hotels are now equipped with audiovisual rooms for international conferences. Annual dinners or cocktail parties are also organized according to the clients’ demands. Transport is facilities are provided and site visits along with qualified guides are organized. Mauritius holds the capacity to provide you with the most relaxing break from your routine. Resorts and spa centers around the island have been established for the body treatment and leisure of massage lovers. Shopping centers and shops are available at every nook and corner of the island. The products are always at low prices. There are regular sales at every time of the year. Restaurants and street food are available everywhere. A variety of cuisine is offered as the island is itself a multicultural hub.

For Adventurers

Furthermore, the Mauritian Tourism Industry is also well-equipped with various sea and land excursions. The lagoons around the island hold a very exquisite panorama of the aquatic life. The corals enthrall the public with the amalgam of vivid tints and shades. This colorful opera is completed with a multitude of swaying fishes, anemones and aquatic animals like the sea turtle.

Sea Activities

Boats, catamarans, speed boats are the main vehicles during excursions. The glass bottom trip, scuba diving, under sea walk, snorkeling… are the main activities to admire the beauty hidden behind the curtain of a clear sea. Water sports are also well-organized according to the weather conditions. Water ski, wind surfing, parasailing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating (pedalo), banana boating… are activities that one must try when visiting Mauritius. Besides, there are many more islets around Mauritius. Boat trips to visit the islets are regularly organized. Such excursions give you the opportunity to cut off from your phone and social contacts. You can lunch at the restaurants situated there or simply get your own picnic and menu organized by the trip advisors. Some of the islets hold historical or cultural significance. The Ile aux Aigrettes is a coralline limestone island located on the South East of Mauritius. It is a Nature Reserve for the endemic plants and animals once found in abundance around Mauritius. Ile de la Passe is the location used by the British to attack the French when it came to capture the island in 1810. A day at Ile aux Cerfs in the East of the island will drag you into exciting adventures while a trip to Ile aux Benitiers will give you the occasion to swim with the dolphins in the west coast.

Land Activities

Mauritius, the best holiday destination

As beautiful as the marine activities are, the activities on land are even more exciting. The Nature reserves, adventure parks, mountains and gorges are the charming scenery for adventure lovers. Mountain Hiking, Trekking in the rainforests, Zip line activities, Quad biking… are the activities one should not at all miss when visiting Mauritius. The Casela Nature Park’s safari trip gives you the opportunity to walk with the lions and pet the white tigers. Le Pouce Mountain and the Corps de Garde are the best hiking spots. The Yemen Nature Reserve not only provides you with a natural museum of rainforest but also a trekking track to the Black River Gorges viewpoint where you can admire the endemic birds (Mauritius parakeet, Pink Pigeon…), vegetation and the waterfalls. The most beautiful waterfall is yet the Rochester Falls in the south of the island. The Pont Naturel (natural bridge) and the rough waves at Gris Gris and Souffleur will simply give you an eye-catching show. The landscape at the 7-colored earth in Chamarel is unique in the world. The Curious Corner is only waiting for inquisitive guests. The Caves Trail at Roches Noires gives you different scenery with acacia trees and a rocky soil. Mauritius encloses various types of soil and the tropical ecosystem alters in accordance with the regions, weather and climate.

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