Deep Blue Waters

Deep Blue Waters Ever thought about close encounters with the dolphins in the ocean… swimming by their side in blue waters?Ever thought about diving in the warm tropical waters… capturing the true colours of the undersea world?Ever thought about paddling out at sunrise or sunset … getting a real feel of freedom? Mauritius is not all about beaches and fine hotels. There are so […]

Exploring Port Louis

Exploring Port Louis Located 1200 miles from the east coast of the African continent, Mauritius is a Republic consisting of Mauritius Island and Rodrigues Island. The capital city is Port-Louis, which is also the largest city of Mauritius. The lively ethnic quarters of this bustling city display the rich diversity of cultures and traditions that have outlived colonisation. Port-Louis is the main administrative city and […]

Watch for the event taking place during your stay!

Watch for the event taking place during your stay! Mauritius overflows with popular activities and festivals that celebrate the local cultural heritage January, February and March are the months that honour the island’s asian culture. Sankranti is celebrated intimately on the 14th of January and this event is followed by a number of colourful and festive traditional celebrations, like […]

Island Highlights

Need some thought-starters for your next holidays? Mauritius is beyond that lost gem with amazing resorts in the Indian Ocean. It’s a vibrant crossroad of cultures, colours, food and smiles. A picturesque drive across the island offering shimmering ocean views to unusual scenery of great beauty and variety will allow you to capture the real […]

Mauritius, the best holiday destination

Mauritius, the best holiday destination Mauritius is a picturesque spot which will simply mesmerize any visitor with its rich culture and nature. It is the perfect destination for holidays at any time of the year. Situated in the Tropics, the temperature is always warm here. The island is surrounded by beautiful sandy palm-fringed beaches and blue […]

Mauritius: A Cultural Destination

Raining in Mauritius? Why not soak up some culture instead? You’ve probably already seen pictures of Mauritiuscreeping into your instagram feed, but you might not have heard that Mauritius is also a Cultural Destination… The months of January and February allow for ample immersion in local life with the celebrations of Thaipoosam Cavadee , the Abolition of Slavery , Maha Shivaratree and the Chinese […]

History of Mauritius

History of Mauritius Portuguese & Dutch Period Mauritius is located in a very strategic place along the sea route between Europe and India. It has since then been a stopover for navigators. The Portuguese occupied the island between 1507 and 1513. The first settlement was though established by the Dutch between 1598 and 1710. They landed […]

Mauritius: Folklore and Flavours

Mauritius: Folklore and Flavours Dotted with thatched umbrellas, popular beaches in Mauritius evoke paradise… and if you look further, food trucks, hawkers and eateries allow for an exploration of the local cuisine, highly influenced by African, Asian and European cultures. Yes, I’m famous! The local cuisine reflects the island’s cultural diversity: Creole cuisine is a fusion […]

Trek and Hike in Mauritius

Trek and Hike in Mauritius We love hiking and trekking and thought you might too and have rated a few tracks and mountains in Mauritius for both hiking and trekking enthusiasts. Hiking Mauritius is an incredibly diverse place. Besides its pristine lagoons and amazing hotels, it also boasts an exotic wildlife that you can get closer to through hiking and trekking. […]